Hosted by The Painted Turtle, Lake Hughes, CA

October 25-27, 2019 

CACLP is seeking abstract content focusing on enhancing child life professional practices in hospital community, and other related agencies.  Additionally, seeking topics in the creative arts and self-care.



Submission Guidelines

1. Authors who are accepted must register for the conference and 

    the fee will be waived for both days.

2. Authors are responsible for all travel and all related costs.

3.  AV equipment will be made available at no cost to the authors.           

4. Authors will provide their own lap tops.

Information to be Submitted

Title: Should be specific to content



Skill Level: Refers to the level of course material being presented (Entry, Intermediate, or Advanced)

ACLP Content: Identify the domain best related to your presentation


Author Information: Identify the authors who will be presenting and include:

·         Name and qualification (include degree, title, institution)

·         Address, phone numbers, and e-mails

·         Designate one contact person if more than one person is presenting


Educational Design including:

·         Description of presentation including 3 learning objectives and expected 


·         Teaching Method (lecture, discussion, hands-on, etc.)

·         Length of Presentation (1 hour – 1 ½ hour including discussion)


Summary: Briefly write a 2 to 3 sentence summary of presentation


Curriculum Vita: Attach curriculum vitae or resume for each presenter.

Biography: Attach an approximate 50-word biography of each presenter


Submission Deadline and Contact

Deadline: May 10, 

Maria Tomé (323) 409-4292


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